best social media apps for artists

7 Best Social Media Platforms For Artists

Here are the top 7 social media platforms that artists from all around the world prefer. These social media platforms prove harmonious in creating and sharing art, building connections, and growing an online art business!

Whether you are an aspiring artist or a well-established professional, an online presence is highly recommended to grow your business in the long run. The benefits of putting your work on social media for artists are endless.

When you post your work online, it opens up exciting new avenues for jobs, freelance clients, and commissions. Apart from these, you can get loads of support, feedback, and recognition for your art. But, it also requires a lot of time and effort to establish a following and engage your followers.

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Spending too much of your time promoting your art on social media can drain you and hinder your creative process. It would be much more productive to learn which platform you find the best social media platform for artists and focus on them.

Let us take you through the eight best social media for artists, along with their pros and cons.

Best Social Media Platforms For Artists

7. DeviantArt

This social media platform is trendy in the artist community. DeviantArt has over 65 million unique users every month and an average of 150,000 posts by artists daily. This is a great social media app for artists. The artists here are known as “Deviants” and are skilled in several art disciplines, from painting and sculptures to digital art.

However, it is to be noted that DeviantArt has more of an amateur feel to it than other platforms on the list. Also, artists aren’t likely to get commissions directly through it. Nevertheless, it is still a popular social media app worth using for its exposure and community building.

6. Dribbble

Dribbble is not a specific portfolio site like Behance but is a great social media app for artists. It is more intended for glimpses of your project’s details that you don’t post anywhere else. Web designer Jack Harner says Dribbble feels more like a community than a portfolio site, and he is right.

It is popular among all kinds of artists, like logo designers, illustrators, product designers, etc. When artists get stuck in a creative crisis, they post their work on Dribbble to get feedback from other artists on how to fix it. Dribbble also has a job board with several lucrative opportunities and their details. The one downside is that it has lower engagement rates, and your work may not get noticed easily. Nevertheless, it is one of the best social media for artists today.

5. Behance

Behance is a social media platform owned by Adobe. It is a brilliant platform for artists to showcase their work in an art portfolio that could be viewed by several potential clients. What makes Behance stand out is that it allows you to take your viewer beyond just one striking picture, like Instagram or Pinterest.

It lets you show the making, process, and behind-the-scenes of your best projects so that anyone who sees it gets a holistic view of how they came to be. Behance is highly popular among graphic designers and creative designers. It also has a user-friendly interface, due to which many artists opt to post their personal and professional projects here.

Although its pricing has been considered a disadvantage by many, it is still an excellent social media platform for artists.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual platform that suits art sales and is a reputed social media app for artists. You can easily organize and save images into different boards for inspiration and potential client views. Furthermore, artists can add their own descriptions to the pictures they “pin.”

This is a splendid social media app for artists to connect emotionally with their viewers and communicate with them through their art. In addition, you can drive massive traffic back to your own website by linking to it from your pinned images.

Pinterest does not require as much social interaction as other platforms do. In fact, you can sell directly with the help of “buyable pins.” One downside is that your reach isn’t as great as other social media. Also, aesthetics is the actual driver of the app. Even one or two low-quality pictures can turn away your potential buyers.

3. Facebook

Facebook is the most extensive social network on the planet and could be the best social media platform for artists. You can share all sorts of posts to market your art, including photos, videos, links, blogs, and podcasts.

You can conveniently link to other social media for artists and share posts from Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Like Instagram, you can avail yourself of a free business account to schedule your posts and save time. You can join and even create Facebook groups that serve as goldmines for tips and trends in the art business.

This is a beautiful social media app for artists to put out their website links and artist statement to a broad, growing audience.

However, in recent times, the aesthetics have gone down by a huge deal. The platform has become a playground for advertisers. In such a case, the organic reach is quite stunted, and you may have to really go out on a limb to gain the conversations flowing around your work.

Another disadvantage is that social interaction is significant, and you are encouraged to engage your followers. The process can be pretty time-consuming. For this reason, it occupies the third position on this list.

2. GoSocial

This is relatively new compared to the others on this list but is packed with refreshing, innovative content and is a fantastic social media app for artists.

On GoSocial, there are many creative art challenges to inspire you and motivate you to keep track of your artwork. With the help of these incredible streak-based challenges, you can post consistently and discover some stunning ideas for your own personal projects.

By posting regularly and reaching out to fellow artists, you can build a strong network and grow your community every day.

While these features are in full swing, some more are on their way to being implemented shortly. A system of fair content monetization is being developed to reward creators for their talents.

Also, GoSocial has now rolled out online communities to help you learn with the experts. It has communities related to art, fitness, cooking, growth hacking, and a lot more.

1. Instagram

Instagram needs little to no introduction. It is one of the most used platforms in the world. Art collectors use Instagram to find distinct artworks they would like to purchase. Being a completely visual platform, it is leveraged by artists everywhere to boost their art business. You can save edits in drafts and make use of scheduling tools. You can even advertise your art with a free business account and receive helpful insights on doing better.

Hashtags are used to enable your art to be found quickly and expand your reach. But, of course, with such high volumes of users, there could be a disadvantage of your work not being noticed by the right people. Another disadvantage is that you can add links only in your bio and not in your actual posts.

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We hope that list has provided you with the enormous loads of information you need while deciding where to establish your digital presence as an artist. Give them a try and figure out which works best for you. Remember not to limit yourself to just one or two platforms at the beginning of your art career.

Once you decide on the best social media app for artists, and more importantly, for you, spend your time and effort in building an audience there. And, as unnerving as it is to step out of your comfort zone and put your work out there for everyone to see, do it confidently. You never know; the right opportunity could be just around the corner!