Home Photography Ideas

20 Home Photography Ideas You Should Try In 2022

Can’t leave your house because it’s raining? Why not experiment with some creative home photography ideas? It is not necessary to hire models, purchase expensive props, or travel to exotic locations when you can take stunning photos of your surroundings at home.

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Top 20 Home Photography Ideas

Here’s a collection of some fantastic home photography ideas to keep you occupied while you’re stuck inside. 

1. Frozen Flowers:

Capture the fragile and passing beauty of flowers by freezing them. Use pure water and freezer-friendly cube trays. First, weigh down the flowers to prevent them from floating (which they significantly want to do). Then, remove them from the container and capture the whole thing as it melts away.

Frozen Flower Photography

2. Coffee:

Coffee cups can be used as props for DIY home photography ideas. You can come up with a variety of ideas, from emulating a clock to playing tic-tac-toe.

Coffee Photography

To make dynamic coffee splashes, add sugar cubes or pour in some milk. To freeze the splash, use a fast shutter speed of 1/1000 or quicker.

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3. Smoke:

Both beautiful and strange, Smoke trails are a terrific way to add a dramatic and mysterious vibe to your photo. To ensure that all of the smoke remains in focus, set your aperture to f/8-f/11.

Smoke Photography
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4. Water Splash: 

Splashes in motion look fantastic, especially when accompanied by a few objects. Find a black backdrop screen, a clear container, and a tripod to set up your shooting location.

Splash Photography

Drop the objects into the water and snap the shutter as soon as they hit the water’s surface. To activate continuous shooting, use your camera’s bulb or burst mode.

5. Water droplets:

The most prominent subgenre of high-speed photography is water droplet photography.

To freeze a water droplet in the air, you’ll also need a fast shutter speed, such as 1/1000 or quicker. I strongly advise using cellophane wrap to protect your gear from water damage.

Waterdrop Photography

6. Refraction:

When you place them behind any clear container filled with water, interesting pattern distortions can develop. So, the next time you’re looking for some creative home photography ideas, take a glass of water and a few patterned backgrounds, mount your camera on a tripod, and start shooting.

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Adjust the distance between the background and the glass as needed to achieve the desired effect.

Refraction Photography

7. Soap Bubbles:

You’ll need liquid soap and glycerin, a wire loop, a piece of black cloth to use as a background, and a macro lens with at least a 100mm focal length. To create swirling patterns, lightly blow on the soap film.

Soap Bubble Photography

This will also necessitate the use of a large light source. You can make a DIY softbox if you don’t have anything.

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8. Drops of Ink in a Glass

A drop of ink slowly dissolving into the water creates a stunning effect. This is one of the easy-to-implement home photography ideas for you.

Ink Drop Photography

To view the ink clearly, place a glass on a clear reflective surface against a white background. Then, add ink to the glass with a dropper, experimenting with colors and amounts.

9. Trails of Light

If you utilize a multi-color flashlight, still life photography can become more imaginative. Incorporate extended exposure photography techniques by setting the camera shutter speed to 1/8 second and the aperture to around f/8. Move the torchlight within the picture before pressing the shutter, and keep doing so during the exposure.

Light Trail Photography

10. Oil on Water

Because oil and water don’t mix, make use of this fact to create unique abstract photographic concepts. Adding a washing-up liquid before the oil is the key to highlighting the droplets. Remember that a bright background will make your images look much better.

Oil Photography
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11. Freelensing:

Freelensing is one of the most popular amateur home photography projects. Simply separate the lens from your camera and hold it back against the camera body to try it out.


Keep in mind that autofocus will not work, so you’ll have to focus your lens manually. Nevertheless, you’ll acquire the look that tilt-shift lenses are known for.

12. Glass shatters:

Try capturing the shattered glass in mid-air for a more complicated notion. Because you only get one chance to break something, you must ensure that the photo is flawless.

Glass Photography

Use a camera remote to guarantee that there is no blur. To stop the shattering process, set the length of the camera flash to 1/10,000 of a second.

13. The Food Scene:

Food may also be used as a landscape for model miniatures, which is a fun idea. You’ll need to develop innovative product associations and use your models and food pictures to construct a small world.

Food Photography

14. Flatlay:

Instagram’s beauty and fashion gurus aren’t the only ones who use tabletop photography. It’s used to tell whatever story you desire with objects you already have around the house. There’s no need for any additional equipment or setup; simply ensure you have enough natural light coming in via your window.

Tabletop Photography

Choose your flat lay theme first, then decide on the primary components. Finally, choose a background that best matches your theme; you can even buy a set of backdrops for tabletop images.

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15. Motion Blur is a good option:

Rather than attempting to freeze motion, add some blur to your photographs. Use a slow shutter speed, such as 1/30 or slower, to achieve this. Using Shutter Priority camera modes is a trick you can attempt. It will modify all of your other settings to compensate for your sluggish shutter speed.

Motion Photography

16. The colors black and white:

The use of black and white photography expands your professional options. People are usually distracted by color schemes when looking at color photos. However, b&w images alleviate this problem. Pay attention to patterns, shapes, forms, and textures to picture how a scene will appear in black and white.

Black & White Photography
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17. Shadows:

Ordinary household objects are used to make stunning shadow photos. To add depth and enhance the composition of your image, use shadows from windows, flowers, lace, or even body parts.

Shadow Photography

You can utilize the sun as a natural light source, artificial light sources, or Photoshop to generate a drop shadow.

18. With a Macro Lens, Take a Look Around the House:

Take a new look at home photography ideas by using macro lenses and equipment for macro photography. Because lighting is essential in this photo genre, I recommend investing in a professional ring flash, such as the Neewer LED ring light.

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The kitchen is the perfect place to put macro photography ideas into action. Food, drinks, appliances, utensils, and plants can all be used as photographic subjects.

Macro Photograph of a Lemon

19. The View Through the Window:

Are you fortunate enough to have a beautiful view from your window? That is something you should include in your house pictures. Take a photo of someone who is taking in the scenery. Exposing both the backdrop and the foreground can be complex, so I recommend using the compositing approach with the help of compositing software.

window Photography

20. Silhouettes:

For the home, silhouette photography is ideal. It is one of the best home photography ideas. It gives the image a strange sense. This allows users to fill in the blanks and create their tale from a photograph.

Silhouette Photography

A light source must be placed behind the subject to make backlit portraits. You can also try underexposing the image a little to create a darker silhouette.

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Hopefully hope these pointers help you improve your game!

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