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20 Adorable Couple Photography Poses That You Can Try This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it is time for you to plan your romantic surprises. Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to pull up any plan yet as there are always some last minute ideas that can help you prepare something. Just spending some quality time with your partner would be just as special. Any occasion is incomplete without some memorable photographs because who doesn’t like to capture their beautiful moments. To make your Valentine’s Day even more special we have listed down some couple poses for photography that you can try with your partner.

Couple photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. Especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day, you must have seen people sharing their #couplegoals pictures on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest etc. These kind of pictures attract of lot of traffic as many people love to see different couple poses, romantic locations and take inspiration from them.

This Valentine’s Day try some really cute and romantic poses with your partner by having a couple photo session. You can either have a professional couple photo-shoot or you can click pictures by yourself. It is always better to have a few reference pictures from which you can take inspiration or recreate them. You can also learn some photography tips from Gosocial, one of the leading artist-friendly platforms.

To make it easier for you we have brought you a list of 20 adorable couple poses for photography that you can try this Valentine’s Day

1. Hand-Holding and Walking Pose

This is one of the most trending couple photography poses! This pose looks extremely adorable and dreamy in pictures and you should definitely try it. To make this pose you basically have to hold the hand of your partner from behind while he/she is walking ahead. It will look like you are following your partner wherever they are going. You can also make your partner look back and smile while walking forwards and capture the shot. You can try this pose on rooftops during sunset, in gardens or any beautiful location.

20 photography poses to try

2. Capture Candid Shots

One can never go wrong with candid shots! Candid pictures look really cute and adorable. If you don’t want to experiment a lot with different couple poses then you can always capture some candid shots. Even if you don’t have any friend or photographer you can just set the timer on your camera/phone and click your candid pictures. You can look at each other and laugh or you can just enjoy the moment and capture shots of whatever you are doing. For instance, you can take candid shots of you and your partner while eating or dancing during your date.

3. Kiss On Forehead

A ‘Kiss on Forehead’ pose is one of the most adorable couple poses. Not only they look just so adorable but also really romantic. You can first pose by putting your foreheads together and then you can kiss your partner on her forehead and capture the picture. This pose will turn out better in a close up shot as the expressions will be clearly visible.

20 photography poses to try 1

4. Piggyback Pose

Another very cute and adorable couple pose is the ‘piggyback pose’. You can try this pose on the Valentine’s Day with your partner, a loved one, or even with your best friend. It is a fun pose and you will enjoy doing it. Just hop on your partner’s back for a few seconds, make a piggyback pose and capture some adorable pictures.

5. Looking At Each Other

Looking into each other’s eyes is a great couple pose and the pictures can turn out very romantic. This pose shows how much you are in love with each other and depicts tenderness. You can capture different types of pictures in this pose like close ups, portraits etc. Check out the People & Portrait Challenge on Gosocial and you can find interesting portrait photography ideas.

20 photography poses to try 2

6. Hug From Behind

Hugging from behind is a very romantic and adorable pose. It depicts warmth, love and care. Hug your partner from behind and capture some beautiful portrait and candid shots. You both can look at each other or you can look at your partner while they are looking into the camera.

7. Watching The View

Holding hands and watching the view in front of you is also quite an adorable pose. Sit in a balcony or on a rooftop or near a lake/beach. You can try this pose if you are at a great place with a beautiful view in front. For instance, you can sit or stand near a lake side facing the sunset and the lake, holding hands. Capture these shots from behind and the view and pose will look really romantic and adorable in pictures.

8. Pose With The Surprise

Posing with the gift that your valentine gave you can be a really cute idea as well. You can pose with the gift or surprise and capture adorable shots for your social media. For instance, if your partner has gifted you a ring then you can make a proposal pose and capture some romantic pictures. Similarly you can capture other surprise moments like posing with a box of chocolates, roses etc.

9. Pose With Props

Props can make a huge difference in photos. This Valentine’s Day, add some cute props in the background and pose with them to capture some really adorable and interesting pictures. For instance, you and your partner can use pillows as props and pose with them showing a pillow fight. You can also ask a friend to blow some paper hearts and feathers in the background while you are posing. This way you can capture some really cute couple pictures.

10. Leaning On Your Partner

Lean on your partners’ shoulder or head and capture some lovely portrait and landscape pictures. This pose will look really amazing if you are in a beautiful location like a lakeside during sunset or on a rooftop at night. You can set the timer or ask someone to take your pictures while you both are enjoying the view.

11. Lying Down Next to Each Other

Lying down facing each other is one of the most adorable couple poses for photography that you can try. You can try a lot of different variations in this couple pose by changing the camera perspective. For instance, a classic pose would be where you are facing up and your partner is facing down and looking towards you. Another variation in this pose can be where you both are just lying next to each other in opposite positions.

12. Looking At The Camera

This is another very basic yet romantic pose that you can try with your loved one. In this pose either you both can look into the camera or one of you can look into the camera while your partner is looking at you. You can make this pose while sitting or standing.

20 photography poses to try 4

13. Dancing Pose

Making a romantic dance pose can look really interesting in pictures. You can make any of your favourite dance poses like for instance, if you are trying to make a salsa dance pose then you can make your girlfriend twirl while holding her fingers from up and capture the pictures. This pose can look really magical and romantic in a monochrome and black & white effect. You can take the Black & White Photography Challenge hosted on GoSocial and get some creative ideas.

14. Pose With Fairy Lights

Posing with fairy lights and artificial lights can look really creative and artistic. On Valentine’s Day you can capture some artistic portrait shots by posing around with fairy lights. You can make a romantic and adorable pose by asking your partner to hug you from behind and then you both can hold fairy lights in your hands. Or you can click some aesthetic portrait shots by putting the fairy lights in a glass bottle/jar and posing candidly with it. You can share your artistic pictures on the GoSocial app and take the Lights and Bokeh Photography Challenge.

15. Retro Romance

If you love experimenting with creative poses and ideas then you should definitely try this out. Take out some famous romantic couple poses from 70s, 80s or from your mom dad’s and grandparents’ marriage days and recreate those vintage poses and pictures. You will really have fun and enjoy the process. Share your best Retro Romance pictures on social media platforms like GoSocial, Instagram, and Pinterest etc.

16. Dreamy Sunset Silhouette

Create your dreamy sunset silhouette pictures while posing with your Valentine in a beautiful location during sunset hour. You can take some romantic shadow effect pictures during the sunset time. To achieve the silhouette effect you can ask the camera person to focus on the backlight and set the exposure so that you and your partner are blacked out in the picture. You can make as many creative poses as you want and capture dreamy silhouette effect pictures.

20 photography poses to try 5

17. Pose With Your Pet

Pose with your pet and make your valentine day couple photos look even more adorable and cute. Show your love towards animals by posing with your pet and capture some adorable candid and portrait shots.

18. Create Your Fantasy Poses

Another very interesting and creative pose idea is recreating your favourite romantic character’s poses. Dress like your favourite fantasy character and make some famous romantic poses. For instance, you can recreate the very famous Titanic pose of Rose and Jack, with your partner.

19. Mirror Selfies

One can never get bored of taking selfies! If you have nowhere to go on Valentine’s Day then don’t worry as you can still manage to click some adorable mirror selfies with your partner. You can dress or stay as goofy and casual as you want and take some cute mirror selfies for the gram!

20. Make Funny Faces

Make funny faces with your partner and capture some cute selfies. You can make teasing expressions, or laugh weirdly at each other while taking selfies. Make your boyfriend pout with you and capture those funny selfies. Also, don’t forget to try some funny face effects on apps like Instagram and Snapchat and have a good time laughing over them.