Ideas For Your Next Online Workshop

10 Creative Online Workshop Ideas

The job of an individual creator could become difficult during online workshops. With the decreasing attention span and abundance of available resources online, creators need to come up with some creative online workshop ideas. These online workshops must resonate with the audience and provide them with value for their time. Let’s hop on to some Virtual workshop ideas to make the whole exercise exciting and impactful.

Creative Online Workshop Ideas

Go for Abstract Workshop Topics

Online workshop ideas start with a topic that attracts participants to attend the virtual event. If you are a creator looking to get more people on board, you can choose some abstract topics as well. These topics are great for generating interest, and people join to get away from the usual educational stuff. A lot is possible when you choose a subject like this; you can connect it with your expertise, share your opinions, and change the way people look at certain aspects of life. Here is the example of some of the abstract topics for online workshops:

  • Be kind with the bird you want to catch
  • Modernization is not westernization
  • Smart work v/s Hard work
  • Success is a journey, not a destination
  • There is always a tomorrow.

Choose Trending Workshop Topics

The world is quick in picking up trends and replacing them with new ones with ease. Creators need to be vigilant enough to make use of trending moments before they start fading away. Trending topics get a tremendous amount of attention, and registrations come easy as well. At the same time, it requires more effort to master the trend and present it to the audience. Individual creators continuously leverage trending topics and start early by making content around them.

For finding the trending topics, you can start with a Google search, look at what’s trending on Twitter or use Google Trends to get an idea. Most of the online workshop ideas strike after doing research and taking inspiration.

If you are confused about choosing a workshop topic, you can read our blog and make an informed decision.

Stretch it to Some Days

For a change, plan a workshop that goes on for several sessions, and participants have to come back on multiple days to grab the content. Doing this will allow you to give exercises and assess them over time. Even if you are not getting many great online workshop ideas, stretching it will provide you with options to have an open mindset and plan things efficiently.

If the workshop doesn’t have a tight timeline, more practical aspects like revisions, discussions could get planned.

It is also evident that it is not possible to grab every aspect of the topic if done in a stretch. We should provide some time for the thoughts to settle in and make way for more complex discussions.

Create Community Building Opportunities

The biggest asset for any creator is his/her community of people. Every content creator should aim to strengthen that community through informative delivery and exercises that promote relationship building. If you keep relationships at the core of every activity, the community will build and prosper with ease. You can take the help of community-building platforms to provide your audience with a platform to connect and share.

GoSocial is one such community platform providing creators with the tools for efficient communication. You can create online courses, conduct workshops, go for live sessions, do private/group chat, implement discussion forums and a lot more using a single platform.

If done right, community members are always the first to register for your workshops, online courses, or any other content targeted to that audience.

Make it interactive using chats, polls

It’s not always possible for someone to unmute and start asking questions or interact with a host right away. Creators should provide attendees with an option to slide into chats, answer polls, vote anonymously and remain involved in the whole exercise. 

Creative Ideas For Your Next Online Workshop

Participants can interact with a question and answer session, live polls, animated responses through sticker/emojis, and even appear on the screen if interested. Virtual workshop activities like these make room for healthy communication that helps to build a great bond. 

Introduce Breakout Sessions

This is a group activity designed to solve a specific problem or discuss an aspect to come out with results. During a virtual session, the host can introduce these breakout sessions and become a part of them to make constructive arguments. A host will work as a moderator here and ask participants to come up with new ideas.

Group activities like these are exciting and allow hosts to dive deeper into topics without making them monotonous.

Launch Giveaway Campaigns

During virtual workshops, creators use rewards to motivate participants. Mostly, giveaway campaigns planning is done before the event to get more attendance, but we can even plan during the ongoing workshop. Every workshop intends to get more people interested and attentive during the exercise. Giveaway campaigns incentivize participants for being active.

You can start a quick quiz and offer discounts to the participants who answer correctly. It could extend to other giveaways like notes/reading material as well.

Introduce Panel discussions

Workshops are exciting because they dive deep into the topic and provide relevant information. At times, diving deeper makes the whole exercise dull as the subject becomes complex. Expert panel discussions make way for more participation and diverse opinions to come forward.

Participants ask questions at the end of the workshop, and experts discuss for a better understanding. If fruitful, the audience remembers these discussions for a long time that helps in prospering a relationship.

Give Breaks and breathers

If the duration of your workshop is more than an hour, you should provide participants with enough breaks. Breaks allow them to recollect their thoughts, refresh mind and become more attentive. Breathers are one of the most powerful virtual workshop activities if you want your participants to stay till the end.

A 5 minutes breather after every 30 minutes and a 10-minute break after an hour should get incorporated into your workshop planning. If you want to know, how to host an online workshop from scratch, you can read our blog as well. It will also help you come up with some great online workshop ideas.

Bonus Online workshop idea: Play music and media

Individual creators work on their content but forget to make use of resources at times. Media is an incredible medium to communicate thoughts and ideas without making the whole exercise stressful. 

You can rely on Youtube videos and play them to make a point. During the discussion, use videos of experts in the same domain. This way, you can back your claims through these clips and also make the whole event dynamic. Creators can play soft music during the breaks for adding a bit of a fun element. It is important to mix things up and make use of every medium during your virtual workshop.


These were some of the creative ideas for online workshops that will help you gain momentum and plan an attractive virtual workshop for your audience. It is the responsibility of a creator to keep the audience hooked irrespective of the complexity of the whole subject. With the ease of access, more people are looking for remote learning opportunities. As a content creator, you should provide them with an experience they will remember for a long time.